Old wooden floors

Mainly oak and spruce. Hand-finished according to old tradition and with care for the material.

Specifically tailored to your project and individually produced

No mass production | Exclusively made to order | Finished individually & with care for materials | Sustainable

Every wooden floor produced is unique

In our in-house manufacture, we preserve the original, puristic surfaces as best as possible and thus achieve exciting surfaces with a historical appearance. 

Our daily drive is to preserve as many historic and, above all, worthy of preservation wooden floors as possible. To maintain the tradition and knowledge of these and pass them on to our customers. 

We rework and refine our old plank floors exclusively according to traditional models. By hand with the support of modern machines. Each plank is unique, so we preserve the historical character.

Today for tomorrow

The production of new wooden floors with old proven but new thought is becoming more and more popular. 

The generations before us were true masters of sustainability and this was omnipresent and formative in daily life. This had an impact on the construction of their homes, workshops, etc

Sustainable use of available resources and funds were crucial.

The wooden floors were also intended to last for many years and generations. The use, wood texture and other factors were not left to chance but were specifically selected 

With our attitude and knowledge, we want to support our customers and share our philosophy.